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TESTIMONIAL: Metamphetamine daily addiction for 5 years - & other addictions - detoxification, living raw foods

When I arrived to Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center I was physically, mentally, and spiritually very sick and weak, as the result of many years of habitual drug use, including over five years of daily methamphetamine use, and over twenty years of chronic cigarette smoking, alcohol and recreational drug abuse. I felt very weak, hopeless, and just plain tired.

Holly's tattoos are landmarks in her life. While she was recovering from drugs at our center she got her third tattoo. This third tattoo represents a commitment to be true to herself.
Arm Tatt, Boston Terrier and Rat - 2008, age 35
I got this one in loving memory of my dog, and also with the rat representing my beautiful pet who brought herself into my life. I also got this tattoo on my arm as a representation of a new phase in my life where I am no longer willing to compromise who I am, for a job or other people.

I was literally unable to function without getting high, and even then everything in my life was a struggle. I felt completely exhausted from the years of trying to maintain my life, while suffering from addiction and years of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, not to mention the enormous amount of energy that was spent daily trying to cover up, finance, acquire, and do the amount of drugs I needed on a daily basis just to get by.

Through this program I feel I have gotten a complete mind/body overhaul. I feel literally like a new healthy person, with a new healthy life ahead of me. The program is a very extreme detoxification process, out of which I feel almost as if I have been re-born (not in the religious sense, but the physical sense, on a cellular level and spiritual level). I feel like I have detoxed not only from all of the drugs/cigarettes/alcohol, but also from all of the food toxins I have been exposed to all my life, and eating the raw food diet has literally brought unbelievable life back into every part of my body. I never realized how important it is to consume food that is still living, and still contains life force that is then converted directly into my own physical, mental and spiritual energy.

In addition to all of the amazing nutrition and health treatments received, Dr. Baylac's knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable, along with her ability to truly help me sort through all of the deep emotions and feelings that have been driving my physical and mental state up to this point. I also feel forever grateful for what I have gotten from all of the amazing staff here, the people who create all of the amazing healing foods, they have all truly changed my life, each one of them. The best way to describe them is to say that they are all absolutely glowing, so full of life and health that it literally changes you just to be around them. Jack, I will remember your voice and words always, and replay them whenever I need to hear them…

(in other words; do what you need to do, you can do it!)
I am forever grateful to you all!
Holly, 35 years old, 2008

TESTIMONIAL: Cocaine addiction for 16 years, overweight - raw foods, juices - cocaine free for 2 years

The most important decision of my life was pulling into the driveway of Dr. Baylac's retreat. I almost chickened out at the last minute even though I had come all the way from New York City. I was 298 lbs and severely addicted to cocaine.

I had been doing drugs heavily for 16 years and no rehab or therapist could change me. I was too full of toxins for the twelve-step program to ever work on me. I needed to clean my body out so that I could feel normal enough to fight the desire to do drugs.

Dr Balyac awakened me. She taught me to live a conscious raw vegan lifestyle. To be aware of what I eat and think.
After a few days at the retreat I began to feel alive from the food and juices. These amazing new feelings gave me momentum to continue on the program. I had lost about 15 lbs in the two weeks at the clinic. By adhering to the lifestyle I gradually lost about 10 lbs a month until I became a steady 210 lbs.

I also have remained cocaine free now for 2 years (2008). I always knew that I had to change the way I ate and lived but there was no way to do it on my own. Dr Baylac's retreat makes it possible by coaching you through this difficult transition.
Sam Chartouni, 2008

TESTIMONIAL: Eating disorder - 10 day detoxification

Andrew: I came to the Mind Your Body retreat center knowing very little about the place, or about Dr. Baylac. My plan was to do an extended water fast, and in the process address an eating disorder I'd developed over the last couple of years. I'd done several fasts on my own in the past. Each time, a wave of challenging emotional issues came up, but I never traced them to their roots, so each time I stopped fasting I always slid back to my starting point.

Andrew This time, I thought, I'll get someone to help me through the process. I talked to Maya briefly before making my decision, then hopped on a plane for Hawaii. I cannot imagine having been in better hands. Her expertise in the area of fasting is vast. More importantly, her understanding of the human psyche, the human heart, and the spiritual condition of human beings far surpasses anyone I have come across in the medical or psychoanalytic fields. She is a rare and special being.

Maya helped me see aspects of my psyche that I knew something about intellectually, but that I had never actually confronted head-on. In the course of her counseling, using a range of techniques, she took me to a very deep place inside of myself and gave me exactly what I needed when I got there to make the fundamental shift that I longed for.

I ended up fasting for ten days, with four days of raw food introduction after that. She was nurturing, attentive, and truly present every step of the way – a great mix of professionalism with heart-centerdness. She cares deeply about what she's doing, and puts everything she has into it.

The main part of her house is on the second floor, nestled in a grove of wild tropical trees and flowering plants. Scores of birds sing and chirp in the branches from sunrise to sunset. The house is so open and airy that even if you're in your bedroom or the big living space, you still get the feeling of being outside. The beauty and vibrancy of the natural environment played a large part in allowing me to heal, I'm sure.
And when it was time to eat again – whoa. Wild papayas, wild avocados, wild bananas, wild passion fruit, the freshest greens ...
It may sound like I'm on Maya's payroll, but I'm not. I was just fortunate enough to be guided to her Center. I went there hoping that when I left I would be a freer person, and I am.

Andrew Moe

TESTIMONIAL: Binging, overweight issues - raw detoxification

Hello Dr.Baylac and Rachel!,

I miss you all very much and think about you daily! Thanks for the email regarding the rest of the bill. I am so sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you. Transitioning back into my normal life with all of these new changes has been somewhat difficult, but things seem to be settling down a little now so all the good I have gained at the retreat center is not lost. I tell you though, I was so thankful to Anjeli for giving me dinner to go, because I was surprised by how tempted I was at the airport to eat things that would have sabotaged all of my wonderful success. Please let her know how much she helped me through the airport and flight home.

Well, I have done really well the past couple of weeks for the most part. When I was feeling very vulnerable and stressed I did go and get some of my binge foods and ate them slowly in front of my husband and chewed every bite to death. I wish I could tell you that they didn't have the same appeal to me or that they tasted terrible compared to all the beautiful, living, healthful foods I got to eat at the retreat center, but they didn't taste terrible and I enjoyed every bite. I was bummed about this. However, I did feel absolutely awful after I ate them.

I have since learned after a little playing around with all my favorite foods that any kind of dairy product gives me almost immediate sinus and allergy problems, I feel like a sinus infection is forming, my eyes itch, my nose runs and I sneeze all day long, I have to clear my throat all the time because I have so much phlegm. When I eat fried, greasy foods or potato chips (Doritos imparticular - a very bad binge food of mine), I have some of the same symptoms with the phlegm, and sinus stuff, but also terrible sluggishness, feeling of being drugged and tired and heavy and depressed - it is so interesting how this happens. Then if I eat sugary foods, or foods with a lot of bad carbs, I begin to notice muscle aches and pains, joint pains, sluggishness, tingliness in my skin, moods problems, and some sinus and drainage issues. All of these things seem to make me feel like someone just put a brick into my intestines and now I have to try to pass it.

Experimenting with all my favorite binge foods hasn't changed my love or physical desire for the taste of them unfortunately, but it has certainly convinced me that they are definitely the culprits of all my physical problems and issues, and many of the emotional and mood related ones as well. That in and of itself has been enough to drastically alter my diet and work very hard to eat mostly raw foods. I did have 2 binges since being back, which has let me know that even though I have made tremendous amounts of progress, I still need to keep up all the good work I started because all these changes are still very new and fragile.

Dr. Baylac, you have sort-of ruined my binges though because both times all that runs through my head is all the things you have talked to me about: hurting my body, my body didn't ask for this, think about how my body feels, having to take responsibility for wanting to be fat, the old Jennifer is dead, connect with my food, chew slowly so the intestines don't have large chunks of food in them (can't remember why that's not good), then of-course there is the visual image of you binging on the lasagna (because what you did is pretty much what binging looks like) and then choking afterwards (ha ha ha -that still makes me laugh), the emotional conversations at our group meals, Rachel telling us how it made her feel to see this problem, etc. etc... After all of that you can certainly see how you have messed up binging for me. There is also the strong desire to feel I need to let someone know, so that I don't keep it secret and so that I figure out what is going on emotionally behind it. I have noticed that anger is pretty much the main culprit, behind all the stress or too many things to do, or anxiety about something, anger is usually lurking deeply beneath it all.

Anyway, all of these emotional and physical feelings and goings-on around food, has bumped up in priority the necessity of planning my day better around healthy raw meals and how I can prepare green smoothies at work, and how I can have them waiting for me when I get home from work (my kind husband has taken this one on). I have also figured out how to work in exercise (still trying to work in the yoga though, no success there yet). So many changes! So many really good changes. I sure miss you all and your wonderful care of me, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you, and very much miss being at the retreat center. I felt like I was becoming part of the place, and where talking about and dealing with feelings, and doing enemas and walks were becoming routine. I am striving to implement that into my life here.

Along with all the different eating habits, another major change my husband and I have both made is no more TV, which has made time for more exercise, reading, and talking. We have found a raw food restaurant that we have started frequenting at least 1x/week, and they offer raw food "uncooking classes" and potlucks and lots of other things to help support this very different lifestyle. This has become my favorite day of the week as it is the only time I get real food, which brings me emotionally right back to the center, and I feel so good and happy, otherwise I get to eat green smoothies, lots of grapefruit, and some nuts and the crackers Jon and Anjeli made for me. I have never been much into food prep. so as you can imagine, raw food prep nearly feels like an impossibility to me. I am just trying to take it slow and be realistic with it, because extreme, all-or-nothing behaviors get me in trouble with food.

Jennifer, spring 2008

TESTIMONIAL: Addictions, toxic overload, eating disorder, insomnia, depression - juice fasting

For years, I was dealing with a configuration of health and emotional issues that involve, but are not limited to, substance abuse. In addition, I was addressing toxic metal levels, a long term eating disorder, and insomnia.

For the past year, I was prescribed various medications for depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, all which proved to have diminishing returns. The side effects exacerbated the problems, leaving me in a confused, frightened, and vulnerable state. I found that the stress of medical school, a recent breakup with my fiance, and a change in my environment reveal to me that I had been in denial. Two trips to the emergency room served as the catalyst that gave me the courage to get help in this matter. Without my health, all else is irrelevant.

Dr Baylac's program is forward thinking in the field of treating addictions and demonstrates the budding growth and direction of naturopathic medicine. I stayed at Hawaii Naturopathic retreat center for a four-week residential program that addressed the issues that I have been struggling with. I went through an intensive schedule of naturopathic therapies, such as cleansing, juice fasting, constitutional and colonic hydrotherapy, and daily FIR saunas. I was also engaged in powerful Reichian breath-work sessions, acupuncture, yoga, exercises, and daily psychotherapy therapy sessions. I went on a complete regimen of dietary supplements that facilitate phase 1 and 2 detoxification and amino acids that serve as precursors of neurotransmitters that stabilize mood and sleep patterns. All of this combined made the detoxification process manageable and comfortable and finally after a long time, I am able to concentrate effectively and my energy levels have raised significantly.

Before my treatment at the center, anxiety would cause debilitating bouts of shakiness and confusion. My main problem is addiction, but I found that anxiety and toxic overload as substantial contributing factors. I had also been exposed to chemicals and heavy metals when I worked as a chemist for a botanical perfume company.

I went through a series of non-invasive chelation therapy treatments that also eased a lot of the anxiety that I was dealing with. It was encouraging to find out that factors, such as a gaba deficiency can be corrected by diet and supplementation.

I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity to rid my body of toxins and it is relieving to be able to sleep naturally and relax without the aid of pharmaceuticals, such as benzodiazepenes. With diet and detoxification, I have been able to think with more clarity, to understand my emotional issues, and thus, begin to heal my body at a cellular level.

Kristin Odegard
Aug. 2008

TESTIMONIAL: New perspective on food, weight loss, more energy - water fasting, juices, raw foods

During my 19 day stay I had juice for 2½ days, then water for 14 days, and then 3 days re-feeding transition.
I am happy with the weight loss, I'm currently at 162 lbs. I'd like to keep it at 160 so getting back into bike riding will keep me right where I'd like to be.

Also, I feel more confident and centered with more energy, not needing coffee and liking the feel of calmness/patience that I'm experiencing, now at age 49.
Experiencing going without food for 16 days has given me a new perspective on food and how little the body needs to function if you give it quality (raw) food to work with.

I also observed that I had a tendency to label events or situations as bad or good and lock myself into a mood or emotion (usually negative or fearful) instead of just observing and being neutral, letting it unfold in an open hearted accepting frame of mind. I knew this before but being off coffee and having energy and being more at peace with myself and others as a result makes it possible to actually live this understanding and make it who I am now.

The retreat had a very competent and very pleasant staff. I felt like I was well monitored and taken care of. I especially enjoyed swimming in the warm pond, breaking my fast with my first bite of papaya. Nothing you have any control over would have made my stay better - perhaps less mosquitoes and more sun.

I think I got a lot out of the videos that I watched while I was there. You might want to encourage people to watch some to get a fuller understanding of raw food (Boutenko video) or what meat/dairy products do in the body, (Dr. Klaper video). Also the whole acid alkaline connection with body health and energy was a huge piece of information that I didn't know about until I watched the Boutenko video. If people had a fuller understanding of these issues they might be more inclined to make permanent changes in their diet rather than falling back into their old routine when they get back home.

We have inspired many people to try green smoothies in the short time that we have been back.

Thank you all very much,
Love to you, Chris Phelps, Oct. 2007

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I had been doing drugs heavily for 16 years and no rehab or therapist could change me.
I was too full of toxins for the twelve-step program to ever work on me. I needed to clean my body out so that I could feel normal enough to fight the desire to do drugs.
Dr Baylac awakened me.
I have remained cocaine free now for 2 years (2008)....
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