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Fasting for lifestyle changes

Do you feel fatigue, sluggish, depressed, overweight, unmotivated, stuck?
Please have a good look at your habits and do something.

  • Are you watching TV more than needed as an escape to take care of yourself and your environment?
  • Are you spending too much time on the computer and not enough with friends and family building meaningful relationships?
  • Are you postponing for tomorrow taking this walk or going to the gym?
  • What about these sugary or salty food stuffs that you are eating compulsively? You know that it is not really what you want. Is it a substitute for dealing with your loneliness, isolation, anger or despair?
  • Do you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, struggling with your mind or just waking up in the middle of the night with no reason?
Are you admitting that you cannot break the cycle, are you powerless at making this cigarette the last one? Is this really you driving to the store to get some liquor when you promised yourself that you would quit? You cannot believe that you are doing that but you are doing it.

It is OK. Be compassionate with yourself.

It is hard to break away the cycle by yourself, in your own environment. We are here to help you. We want to hear your story and support you in the direction you chose, your new true healthy and happy path.

We will listen to your story and support the part of you who wants to be alive, free and at peace. We will remove from your body all the memories from the old habits with water fast and/or a juice fast.

When the body is detoxified it is easier to initiate and retain new habits. Think about wanting to cook food in a pot without washing it. It would not work for an original new dish. The new dish would still taste like the old one. It works the same with the body and mind. The old has to be taken away, erased. The addictive behavior has to be forgotten to leave room of a free will.

This is the first place to start. Get rid of the addiction, the compulsion to achieve a particular behavior. Then, when you make room in your consciousness you will be able to build a new self, your true self.

You will need also to have an honest look at yourself. All these avoidance behavior will come back if you do not take care of the underlying issues with the proper means. If you feel disconnected and lonely, build up your creative self, connect with nature, accept your aloness, and engage in activities with others.

Get a fresh start right now and be born to your new true self!

You may chose a wellness program if you do not have any major illness or a or a reversal disease program if you are struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, depression, multiple sclerosis, cancer or any chronic illness.

Our detoxification programs focus on your physical, mental and emotional health. If you are addicted to a substance we have a specific natural detoxification program that helps you to get off alcohol and drugs naturally and includes the establishment of new healthy habits or rehabilitation.

We want your stay here to be a definite turn around for you so we have a wide variety of options: Acupuncture, massage therapy, Reichian breath work, the Work of Byron Katie, yoga, Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Why not call us, and see if we can help you to get a fresh start in life, build healthy habit and keep them.

Dr. Baylac

Raw food detox diet
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Holistic Natural Residential Rehabilitation Programs
for freedom from addiction to legal and illegal substances - drawing from Naturopathic and Detoxification medicine, Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapy approaches, Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual practices
Note: We take only a small amount of clients, and our programs are individually designed. Our use of the ocean, the recreational activities & natural approaches facilitate recovery.

I had been doing drugs heavily for 16 years and no rehab or therapist could change me.
I was too full of toxins for the twelve-step program to ever work on me. I needed to clean my body out so that I could feel normal enough to fight the desire to do drugs.
Dr Baylac awakened me.
I have remained cocaine free now for 2 years (2008)....
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