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Natural Drug and Alcohol Detoxification with Raw Foods

Holistic Natural Residential Rehabilitation Programs
for freedom from addiction to legal and illegal substances - drawing from Naturopathic and Detoxification medicine, Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapy approaches, Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual practices
Note: We take only a small amount of clients, and our programs are individually designed. Our use of the ocean, the recreational activities & natural approaches facilitate recovery.
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Our Big Island Hawaii retreat center offers drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation using the methods of raw foods nutrition and holistic medicine. Our integrative health center utilizes professionals in the fields of alternative medicine, psychology and nutrition to support the body from cell to spirit.

Many drug and alcohol rehab programs substitute one drug for another, without addressing the underlying cause of addiction. Whether that cause be a biochemical imbalance, a psychological issue or a spiritual disharmony, we believe that these issues need to be addressed if true healing is going to occur.

Our residents are attended by Naturopathic physicians, experts in detoxification and safe gentle methods of brain chemistry balancing. Our team psychologists are experts in Reichian breathwork, and psychodynamic therapies.


Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac

from Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac

Are you sick and tired of barely making it through your day?

Feeling depressed, hopeless and exhausted? Is the life drama you created not entertaining you anymore? You do not have to be in this prison forever. Are you ready for something else?

It is time for a major change in your life! You have nothing to lose except your old habits that keep you trapped. If you are ready to leave the cage and begin a new life, we can help you!

At our clinic we offer a thorough pain free and permanent detox.
You will learn appropriate responses to life stressors, and a new lifestyle. We believe you can be free from drug, alcohol and any type of addiction for the rest of your life! We will gently support you in your rebirth into joy, self-responsibility and awareness. All we need from you is to transfer your desire for drugs to a sincere and true desire for freedom.

Just give us a call!
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Dr Maya Nicole Baylac is a Naturopathic physician and a psychotherapist since 1966, specializing in an eclectic combination of mind-body therapies. She is dedicated to the health and well-being of others as part of her spiritual journey.

I had been doing drugs heavily for 16 years and no rehab or therapist could change me.
I was too full of toxins for the twelve-step program to ever work on me. I needed to clean my body out so that I could feel normal enough to fight the desire to do drugs.
Dr Baylac awakened me.
I have remained cocaine free now for 2 years (2008)....
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Dr. Baylac

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